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Who are we

We are a group of young friends, motivated by the desire to preserve a dear treasure, which is the historic center of Cammarata, nestled in the picturesque fields of Sicily.

We are young professionals, students and volunteers, coming from different backgrounds; but we share the same passion for this land and, more particularly, our city.

In 2021, we gave life to StreetTo, a cultural and non-profit association, whose mission is to preserve and share the unique, traditional Sicilian lifestyle.  Most of our team moved away from the place where we were born and raised; but we did not lose our desire to see Cammarata and its historic city center restored and vibrant.

The comforting food, the enchanting tales of our grandparents, the rich traditions, the warmth of this place… it all reminded us of how much one can be linked to your place of origin, even if physically distant for a while.  Now, we have returned and are anxious to help you discover what we have known all along – Cammarata is a magical place!  Allow us to provide you with a “Street To” a wonderful place to live, work and play!

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And the Municipality of Cammarata

In 2021, StreetTo and the Municipality of Cammarata signed a collaboration agreement, to restore existing building structures in the historic city center.

Starting with the “Case a 1 Euro Project”, StreetTo endeavors to bring new vitality and transformation, to enhance several properties and areas in this town. We have the full support of the Municipality, which is essential to our success in fulfilling our mission.

The main objective of the cooperation is to identify all available 1 Euro houses and to display them on this site.

We have created this online database to provide information and assistance to new residents, coming from near and far away places, to discover the beauty of Cammarata!